Meet the Family

Left to right: Keleen Mullen (daughter), Rick Mullen (father), Linda Mullen (mother), Frank Mullen (son)

Founded in 1976, Chicago’s Upholstery Leather Hide Company Keleen Leathers, is family owned and operated.

When you encounter leather suppliers, very few can tell the story that the Mullen’s can. We are family owned and operated since 1976.

Everyone claims the same benefits and quality: most durable leather, best wholesale leather pricing, highest quality upholstery leather resource for luxury. Guess what? We match their claims and surpass them in customer service.

We have been around for 50 years and have instilled impactful family values into our company. That energy is even placed into our “Paws Project” donation program for homeless pets. We have a team of people in our building every day that care about the company like they own it.

No. We don’t do fancy showrooms. No. We’re not running insane amounts of ads in every major publication known to man. But we are still here, we are in the leather business
and we’re not going anywhere.

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