Green Statement

Keleen’s commitment is that leather, a product of nature, be produced in complete harmony and with respect to the Earth and our natural ecosystem.  Partnered with the finest tanneries around the world, we insist that our leathers are produced with water based stable elements.  This ensures our leathers are earth-smart and free from harmful chemicals.  For these reasons, at the end of its long life, our leathers can be recycled into other products or disposed of conveniently without harming the environment.

Unknown to most, LEATHER IS THE ULTIMATE RECYCLED PRODUCT.  A by-product of the meat industry, no animal loses its life for its skin.  This exquisite material would literally have to end up in landfills as wasted material if not for Keleen Leathers and other like us who convert this product of nature into amazingly viable and useful materials.  Because of its by-product nature, the manufacturing of leather puts a far less demand on global resources than synthetic alternatives.  We also have collections that are chrome-free to make available leathers to meet all the standards and needs of our clients.

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