Inside the Artisan’s Workroom

Rick Mullen (Owner) with his grandson at Keleen Leathers, Inc. HQ

From the beginning of Keleen Leathers, Inc. I wanted to be much more than a mere hide supplier. I’ve always had a true love and passion for genuine leather as to me it is truly a miracle product of nature having qualities unavailable from its alternative products.

Being able to both develop and offer unique artisan capabilities with leather fulfills my original dreams of this company. Anyone can offer “hides”, but to now take these amazing hides and craft unique elements of value and beauty with the hides is an accomplishment of great pride for me.  Our leather wall and floor capabilities using our KLAD tile system and our belt offerings are unique in the world coupled with our truly unique leather floor tiles set us far apart from all others in the world of fine genuine leathers.

Being challenged by our creative clientele with imaginative ideas we then assist to create elements of great beauty and function is very satisfying for me as the owner of Keleen Leathers, Inc.

Get Inspired by Past Leather Wall & Leather Floor Projects

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