How To Buy Leather

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Calculations for How to Buy Leather

By industry standards, one running yard of fabric = 18 sq. ft. of leather.    Although there are actually 13.5 sq. ft. in a running yard of 54″ wide goods, the additional 4.5 sq. ft. in the formula accounts for the waste factor since hides are shaped irregularly and have natural markings inherent in all genuine leather.    Hide sizes are quoted in a range, for instance, 48-52 sq. ft.  Simply, the difference in footage is determined by the size of each particular animal.

The following will demonstrate six 24″ x 24″ chair pads.  Each pad requires 1/2 yard fabric.

The Formula for How to Buy Leather

1/2 yard x 18 = 9 sq. ft. needed per chair
9 sq. ft. per chair x 6 chairs = 54 sq. ft. total will be needed

Please note:  All cuts may not fit in exactly the same way.    This is for demonstration only.    Hide size, shape and natural marks may effect layout. Visit our Hide Diagrams page for more information.

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