Hide Diagram

Leather is priced and measured in square feet but is sold by the hide.    Hides are irregularly shaped (see below) which must be taken into consideration when translating fabric (COM) to leather (COL).    There are normally 13.5 square feet in each yard of 54″ wide fabric (54″x 36″).    The factor used to translate to leather is 18 x (number of yds.) (ex: 3 yards of 54″ wide fabric x 18=54 sq.ft.).    This difference provides for the irregular shape of a hide and flaws inherent in all genuine leathers.

hide diagram with measurements cow hide diagram

Hide Diagram A & B shows full grain leather mature Bovine average hide 50 – 60 sq. ft.

calf hide diagram

Hide Diagram C shows a hide of a young Bovine, soft, supple and very fine grain average hide is 25 – 30 sq. ft.

measurements in terms of usage

Hide Diagram D is a typical 48 – 50 sq. ft. cowhide.

There is normally about one-third loss due to the irregular shape and flaws inherent in genuine cow hides.    You will not always get clean cuts of these dimensions.    Flaws of nature will be visible in some of the above dimensioned areas.

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