Innovative, Easy-to-Install & American Made:
KLAD™ Luxury Leather Wall Tiles

Keleen Leathers’ KLAD™ Luxury Leather Walls offers designers an exciting new design dimension to create leather walls. Designs of all shapes and sizes can be precision cut to specified dimensions using any of Keleen’s exceptional leathers as the surface material. Designers also have a range of options using hair on hides, which are cut using steel rule dies. A design first, Keleen’s KLAD™ system offers designers the ability to create floor to ceiling installations using any of our leathers. This is the only leather wall system able to be trimmed on-site for a perfect fit every time.

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Our Leather Walls Are Easy To Install

KLAD™ Benefits

Amazingly Beautiful – creates a dramatic impact in any space.

Leather walls are acoustical, flexible, and inherently flameproof.

Adobe Illustrator Compliant – you create it, we can cut it.

Tailored Finish – pieces mount securely to the wall with no bagging, wrinkles, or tension points. Can be used on curved surfaces and columns.

Its premium pad offers a luxurious soft touch and exceptional resiliency.

Design Flexibility – unlimited design combinations by mixing sizes, shapes, and leathers.

Simple and extremely cost effective to install.

No complicated methods with specialized installers and no complex track systems.

A damaged tile can be easily removed and replaced

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