Why Does My Leather Hide Have Markings On It?

Genuine leather features genuine signs of life. Hides have everything from vegetal debris, neck wrinkles, and more. When dealing with a natural product, natural blemishes and markings of nature are to be expected. Real, authentic hides reveal a story.

What If I Purchase The Highest Grade Leather?

Even the highest quality leather has natural markings which add to its distinguished appeal and beautiful wear. In some cases, it can be more subtle, but perfection is not the goal with genuine leather, genuine beauty is. Healed scratches, wire markings, insect bites, and other signs of life may be present in genuine leather furniture design due to the simple fact of nature. Leather is a natural product, therefore surface material from the color gradation to hide quality varies from hide to hide.

What About Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks exist for the same reason they do on humans and are not an uncommon occurrence in leather hide purchasing. Just as you go through changes with your appearance, this natural product does as well.

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