Upholstery Leather 101

As a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of making the best decisions before purchasing products. Featured here are a collection of articles to assist in the leather buying process with Keleen Leathers. If you have any questions for us we will include them in this section. Simply e-mail us here.

Why Does My Leather Hide Have Markings On It?

Genuine leather features genuine signs of life. Hides have everything from vegetal debris, neck wrinkles, and more. When dealing with a natural product, natural blemishes

How Do I Determine How Much Leather I Need?

Designers & upholsterers using their own leather for re-upholstery or custom made furniture are often challenged with determining how much leather is required. To understand

Why Should I Choose Genuine Leather Over PVC or PU?

Questions and comments like this are sometimes asked of us at Keleen Leathers.  There is a sea of misinformation about what’s better for the environment

Why Does My Leather Have Wrinkles On It?

When dealing with genuine leather hides, leather wrinkles are a normal occurrence and simply a fact of life. This does not affect its genuine beauty
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