Understanding Your Hide

It is important to remember that leather is not a manmade material.    Leather is a natural product, unlike fabric or vinyl.    When using natural products you obviously encounter natural things.    Hides may possess markings such as neck wrinkles, belly wrinkles, bites or scratches.    These natural markings contribute to the beauty of pure aniline dyed leathers, and do NOT mean the hide is damaged.    Natural markings are taken into consideration when using the formula converting textiles into leather (18 x COM).    A good upholsterer familiar with leather will know exactly how to work around small markings that come along with choosing leather.    In addition, Keleen Leathers only sells top quality hides.    We do not grade our hides as many companies do.    All Keleen Leathers hides are considered Grade A.

Keleen Leathers hides are inspected THREE TIMES prior to leaving our shipping department.    They are sorted at the tannery prior to being tanned, again after being tanned, and then finally they are inspected as they leave the KL shipping facility at our main office in Chicago.    We have an inspection sheet that is filled out for each order.    Our team is very well trained and everyone knows exactly what is acceptable and not acceptable as far as the quality of our leather is concerned.

Finally it is necessary to understand the type of leather you are purchasing when it comes to natural markings.    Pure aniline leathers are absolutely going to reflect any natural markings of nature a hide may possess.    Semi-aniline and pigmented leathers will do a better job of masking natural markings.    The better choice will really depend on the project type and the client’s ability to understand our gorgeous pure aniline hides.

Please contact us with any further questions!

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