Top Leather Program Among Designers


Keleen Leathers’ KLAD™ Surface System offers designers an exciting new design dimension to create leather walls and floors. Designs of all shapes and sizes can be cut to specified dimensions using any of Keleen’s exceptional leathers and hair on hides as the surface material.

Download our KLAD PDF.


  • About 50% less in cost than other leather wall and floor offerings.
  • This product offers exceptional and unlimited design flexibility to create unique leather walls and floors.
  • Leather walls are aesthetically beautiful, acoustical, flexible and inherently flameproof.
  • Simple and extremely cost-effective to install, the system is based on the same principal of commercial carpet squares. Merely glue to any substrate. No complicated methods with specialized installers and no complex track systems. Any damaged tile can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Tailored finish-the pieces mount securely to the wall with no bagging, wrinkles or tension points.
  • Can be used in curved surfaces and columns.
  • The premium pad offers a luxurious soft touch with exceptional resiliency.
  • Design Flexibility-unlimited design combinations by mixing sizes, shapes, leathers and hair on hides.
  • Panels can be manufactured up to 28″ x 48″.
  • Tiles can be pulled up and replaced just like carpet tiles.

A design first, Keleen’s KLAD™ Surface System offers designers the ability to create a wall to wall and floor to ceiling style installation using any of our leathers or hair on hides.

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