The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

There is one time a year in my crazy life where I get a real guilt free break from all the stresses of this wonderful company, and the hectic schedule my family keeps at home.  When school is closed and hockey, gymnastics, and everything else are not in session.  The phones quiet down and the warehouse isn’t open.

“Some people wonder why I love the Christmas break so much.”

For me the answer is so simple. I love it because I finally get to sit down and just be home with my hubby, kids, and dogs.  I am not at work, and I don’t have to be anyone’s boss.  In fact I then become an employee answering only to my wonderful children.  LOL!

Other than the holiday break, the only time I sit on my couch and relax is when I am ill.  Sad, I know, but so true for so many of you hard workers out there.  Until that holiday break there are still gifts to buy, things to wrap and school concerts to attend.  Quotes to do, and samples to send.  So we wait and we dream.  3 workdays left everyone, 3 days!

“So thank you to the wonderful designers and their amazing clients.”

You seem to really slow down for just a moment so I can empty my very full DVR 😉 I wish everyone a very relaxing, and calm little break!

Happy holidays from Keleen Leathers!


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