Specifying Leather With Confidence


Keleen Leathers, Inc.‘s multiple hide inspection procedure assures that you are guaranteed quality when specifying Keleen Leathers, Inc. leathers. There is no question that our “product of Nature” has elements and issues different than that of synthetic and manmade materials.

The Grading System.

Leather hides go through many processes wherein at each stage the quality of each hide is reviewed and sorted generally on an A, B, C and D grading system. As hides proceed through production at each stage these elements progressively show themselves. Elements not seen in the very early stages become more visible and apparent as the processing continues. Truly many hides initially felt to be A or B grade wind up C and D as they near the final production processes.

The Only Grade For KL is “A”.

At Keleen Leathers, Inc. we only seek “A” grade, “first selection” hides. I can comment, after now thirty-eight years owning Keleen Leathers, Inc. as I have visited other suppliers they will fill orders by pulling “A” grade bundles and merely seeking to equate an order to the requested square footage ordered. This is not good enough for us when filling your orders. We always unwrap such bundles and complete a thorough final inspection of these so called “A Grade”, “First Selection” hides to absolutely insure that the hides we ship are all both truly premium “A Grade” hides.

We Shade Match Too!

We additionally shade match the hides insuring consistency unmatched in our industry. By “shade match” I refer to maybe going through perhaps 20 hides from the same dye lot to fill for instance a six hide order. Yes there will be color variations within dye lots so we take the extra step just prior to your order leaving Keleen Leathers to see that the hides are both “A Grade” and color matched insuring almost a zero complaint potential for your valued order.

No Worries With Keleen.

We have found over the years that our final inspection process makes for trouble free  delivered orders for our valued customers.

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