The Shagreen Collection from Keleen Leathers is comprised of the finest genuine stingray hides in the industry, resembling gorgeous diamonds and pearls. Shagreen skins have a unique calcium deposit in the center of the skin which is commonly known as the “crown”. Stingray skins are the pinnacle of luxury worldwide, as their rarity and uniqueness make them a true KL gem. Shagreen is extremely durable and can be used on walls, panels, furniture, etc.

Our “Diamond” genuine shagreen skins have a slightly pebbled appearance which is incredibly unique and truly stunning. They are an intense solid color throughout, with a great emphasis on the contrasting diamond shaped “crown”. Our “Pearl” genuine shagreen skins have a smooth, polished, sanded surface. The “crown” is a round shape and the surrounding area has a stone-washed appearance. All Shagreen Stingrays sold by Keleen Leathers is solely a by-product of the seafood industry, and are commonly referred to as “skate” in restaurants. Average Genuine Shagreen Cut Size: 6″ x 8″


Due to small skin size and high expense of sampling, genuine shagreen is sampled in a printed catalogue featuring one physical sample.  Please feel free to request the color of your choice and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

For further information on genuine shagreen or to discuss your project further, please email

All running color ways may not be shown. Please call 1-630-590-5300.