Raw Material: Premium European Hides
Hide Size: 50-55F
Finish: Aniline drum dyed
Classification: Protected for high-traffic
Weight: 2.5-2.75 per ounce
Thickness: 0.9 – 1.1 mm
Flame Resistance: UFAC + NFPA 260 Class 1, Passes California Bulletin 117-2013 Sect E-2013
Durability: Durable Upholstery Leather

Rocco – an Italian name for Italian hides. A pebbled leather with a varied tipped effect throughout the hide makes for the most interesting and stand-out installations. Rocco has a soft feel and a subtle sheen which provides an amazing layer of protection from liquids and staining. Rocco is perfect for all things high-traffic and residential alike.