Do “Brunettes Have More Fun”? Ready for your “Set & Style” you “Blonde Bombshell”? Want a “Purple Pixie Cut” or should I “Cover My Greys”? Whether you are “Up In Foils” getting “Highlights”, a “Silver Streak Cougar” or have “Purple Hair Don’t Care” The KL Hair Parlor has the right look for you! Hair Parlor is a combination of prime hair-on cowhides that are both acid-washed (Metallic or Non Metallic) and natural aniline dyed. Both are produced using the finest European hides. They are a very unique product imported from a specialized tannery in Italy. The acid-washed hair-on cowhides are dipped to create an acid-washed effect that is completely unique from hide to hide. The natural hair-on cowhides are dyed throughout.

So, go “Punk Blue” or “Rock The Mohawk”!!! Get a “Beautiful Blowout” on your “Platinum Blonde” “Goldie Locks”. The Hair Parlor is truly unique and really adds oomph to any room.

Sold in 55 SF full hides with the exception of “Highlights” which is available in half hides.

All running color ways may not be shown. Please call 1-630-590-5300.