Move and Renaissance 2014

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Move and Renaissance

Written By KL Owner, Rick Mullen

I have owned and operated Keleen Leathers, Inc. along with my wife Linda for over 38 years now. I can’t find a way to express my excitement that after this amount of time we have just moved into new headquarters, doubling our size. Hence the title move and renaissance. I’m feeling and believing it is as though we are experiencing a rebirth of this great company. I am so blessed that my daughter, Keleen and my son Frank, ages 32 and 30, are taking over the helm of a business along with Linda and myself as we have all come to love and continue to have great passion for both leathers and our mission.   What is our mission? It is to continue to bring amazingly beautiful and different leathers to significant interior designers and architects around the world.

How can a father know or plan that such a wonderful series of events could take place? I never thought nor planned for this great surprise to me. After I was blessed with children I assumed they would one day find careers in other fields of their choosing, never having thought it would be to continue in their parents pursuit of a passion for the miracle natural product, leather. I logically now conclude that they saw the fulfillment they could see in their parents work, along with an amazing staff of wonderful loyal employees. Obviously they then were drawn to this great opportunity for them and so now Linda and I can enjoy day to day the presence of our children along with our great employees. Many days too Linda and I enjoy seeing our small grandchildren playing in and amongst the beautiful hanging hides as truly they seem to find them elements of pleasure after school hours and during their summer vacations.

So in truth we have moved and grown, and I find the company going through a renaissance with the youthful spirit of my children. Keleen and Frank infuse their ideas and valuable contribution along with our younger employees which I can see provides a connection with our clientele that in some ways I will admit offer a vision that is now past for me.

I conclude merely by saying; a person, a father could not be more prideful than me as I see something Linda and I created over many years of dedicated work now moving on through our devoted children.

Richard Mullen

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