Mountain Living [Article]: Luxurious Leather, Reimagined

Keleen Leathers, Inc. founder contributed to Mountain Living this month, a significant national publication focused on the high country’s best architecture, interior design and travel destinations.

How creativity and perseverance resulted in a stunning product that satisfied an industry demand
August 24, 2021 Rick Mullen

About forty years ago when showing interior designers beautiful new leather offerings, I was asked surprisingly often, “Rick, this leather is really gorgeous. I’d love to use it creating a stunning leather wall. Do you know how we can make a leather wall with this beautiful leather?”

I remember immediately thinking to myself what a great idea, but how could we practically do this?

I felt most would think of using millwork operations, but millworkers simply offered to wrap plywood panels with leather and attach them to walls with devices that had many negative elements, never providing a truly good looking, good fitting leather wall. Imagine rigid panels hung with Velcro, Z-clips, complicated track systems, etc. All of these approaches yielded panels that were poor fitting and unsightly, as well as extremely costly.

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