Leather, Diapers, and Dogs = Insanity


I have been asked to write a blog entry for Keleen Leathers. That would, I guess, make sense since my name is Keleen. I have never written a blog entry before so here is my best attempt! 

I am a realist so I am first brought to a place that makes me wonder why anyone would want a glimpse into my little world. I do not need to sing the struggles of my life to anyone. My life is amazing. It is however, BUSY. Every day I somehow manage to get my three kids (ages 2, 7, & 8) and myself out the door in the morning.

A morning without a fit from my toddler is a successful one. I could care less that she usually wears her pajamas and a slew of non-matching accessories she has chosen to add to her outfit (or costume depending how you see it) for the day. Today I am blessed with being able to wear yoga pants and a high messy bun. At least I match! As I look around the house, 3 of my 4 dogs are chasing each other around the coffee table. Fiona (our KL “paws Project” ambassador) is actually lying down because she was spayed yesterday. Keeping her relaxed has been misery, but I actually need to get her back to the vet as the incision looks abnormal today. I don’t know how I am going to make that happen but I will squeeze it in somewhere. The kitchen looks like a bomb went off, but I have to go as I have 9 emails that need attention and I have to get into the office. How I would love to have a housekeeper and/or a nanny, but I know my three year old is my last baby and I want her with me. Did I mention my son has baseball practice today too!?


Being a working mom isn’t easy. Having four dogs doesn’t make it any easier, not to mention a puppy (what was I thinking! LOL). If I could just get rid of my clean freak, OCD tendencies maybe it would be a little better? I am blessed to work for my parents who want the kids at the office even more than I do. Thank goodness we do not run a stuffy office. I could not handle that! We laugh A LOT at KL. Joke with each other, truly care about each other. Sharing too much information is very normal here. Aside from the “Mullen family” most people here somehow knew each other before selling leather together. That makes for a very interesting dynamic!

I guess maybe my life isn’t as boring as it sometimes seems to me. I have a great husband, three awesome kids, and a I really enjoy working at Keleen. Yes I don’t go out late on Saturday nights anymore. In fact I prefer not to go out at all. My idea of a good time is a great pedicure when I can squeeze it in. Having said that, my life is FULL, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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