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KLAD Ringlet Leather Wall Tiles

Introducing the newest addition to KLAD™ Luxury Leather Walls, our woven vegetable tanned leather wall tiles capture the look of a crosscut tree showcasing it’s years of growth rings. These new wall tiles can add the organic outdoor feeling to your interior project creating optics that can’t be replicated using real wood. Using leather, we have created the realistic appearance of crosscut tree trunks to bring the outdoors inside. These leather wall tiles are not only amazing to look at, they bring special warmth to your interior.

Each leather design is handcrafted and one of a kind. Designers can specify tile sizes, configured in squares or rectangles, select the leather colors and we will handcraft to your unique specification.

Tile sizes start at 12” x 12.” Larger sized tiles can be ordered in single pieces up to 48” x 48.” Squares and rectangles both create magnificent designs.



The saddle leathers are organic vegetable tanned, resulting in light to dark brown tones with a warm glow, perfectly mirroring the colors of wood.


Light Brown

Dark Brown

Reddish Brown


KLAD ringlet leather wall tiles can incorporate one, two or three colors. Each piece is hand woven so you have the option to specify how much, or how little of the contrasting colors in your custom piece. Below we show the example of natural leather with 10% dark brown leather accents. The accent could be any percentage up to 100% browns.


The leather wall tiles have a natural, almost suede like appearance due to the exposed raw edge of the leather. The leather will slowly darken over time by oxidation, developing a beautiful warm patina similar to a saddle. A final step in our process is sanding the leather surface to an even nap.

keleen leathers ringlet tree wall design klad wall tiles

Natural with 10% Dark Brown

The design of the crosscut tree is in a circular pattern which we call Ringlets. The Ringlets can be made using different colors of leather to create patterns within the tile. Designers can specify your colors, for example, you can specify 90% natural leather with 10% dark brown Ringlets. This would look like the photo above. As the designer it’s up to you to select the leather colors that work best for your project. Our sales representative’s and our in house customer service staff are here to help answer your questions and work with you through the process.

Designers may also supply us with a simple drawing showing the general colors and pattern as in this example we received from a client.

Ringlet Design
Each leather wall tile has the circular years of growth pattern.

Random Cut Ringlet Design
Tiles are cut from large Ringlet natural wall panels to capture the wave-like patterns from individual sections for a random installation.

The product is our KLAD foam backed wall tile. Designers specify the size; the tile height is ½ inch. Installation uses adhesive. Tiles are easily trimmed on-site for a perfect fit.

Our leathers are all produced from hides woven by nature and preserved by some of the world’s finest tanneries. Saddle leather by nature is tanned using vegetable and tree extracts, it’s clean tanned with no heavy metals and it’s biodegradable at the end of its useful life.

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