KLAD Luxury Leather Wall Feature: American Flag Design

Our latest KLAD Luxury Leather Wall design was ordered right on time! Our “American Flag” leather wall with a rustic, distressed look kicked off our 4th of July celebration a couple days early for a major hotel lobby feature wall. Read on for more details about our KLAD Luxury Leather Walls. We hope you have an amazing 4th of July!

American Flag 4th of July Leather Wall Design KLAD by Keleen Leathers, Inc.



KLAD elements can be anything you can draw such as the white stars precision cut in this custom flag. Installation is merely roll on the adhesive and apply the KLAD elements.

KLAD Luxury Leather Wall Panels Strips Keleen Leathers, Inc.


Keleen Leathers’ leather wall tiles are acoustical, flexible, and inherently flameproof.

Adobe Illustrator Compliant – you simply sketch it, we cut it.

Tailored Finish – pieces mount securely to the wall with no bagging, wrinkles, or tension points. Can be used on curved surfaces and columns.

Feature Leather Wall Tiles

Its premium pad offers a luxurious soft touch and exceptional resiliency.

Design Flexibility – You can choose from over 10,000 Keleen Leathers offerings for your KLAD wall.

Amazingly Beautiful – creates a dramatic impact in any space.

Leather Wall Tiles Die Cut

Simple – Roll on the adhesive, apply the tiles.

No complicated methods with specialized installers and no complex track systems. Very inexpensive installation truly a DIY installation.

A damaged tile can be easily removed and replaced.


Details From Our KLAD Brochure. Get Inspired. Click here.

Luxury Leather Accent Wall Tiles

Learn more: www.kladbykl.com

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