Mountain Living [Article]: Luxurious Leather, Reimagined

Keleen Leathers, Inc. founder contributed to Mountain Living this month, a significant national publication focused on the high country’s best architecture, interior design and travel destinations.

How creativity and perseverance resulted in a stunning product that satisfied an industry demand
August 24, 2021 Rick Mullen

About forty years ago when showing interior designers beautiful new leather offerings, I was asked surprisingly often, “Rick, this leather is really gorgeous. I’d love to use it creating a stunning leather wall. Do you know how we can make a leather wall with this beautiful leather?”

I remember immediately thinking to myself what a great idea, but how could we practically do this?

I felt most would think of using millwork operations, but millworkers simply offered to wrap plywood panels with leather and attach them to walls with devices that had many negative elements, never providing a truly good looking, good fitting leather wall. Imagine rigid panels hung with Velcro, Z-clips, complicated track systems, etc. All of these approaches yielded panels that were poor fitting and unsightly, as well as extremely costly.

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Our KLAD Leather Wall Tiles Are In the i+D July/August 2020 Issue

Check us out in the American Society of Interior Designers’  i+D Design Product Guide issue. Regarding this publication, we discuss the unique capabilities of our KLAD Luxury Leather Wall System. These one-of-a-kind wall tiles allows homeowners and interior designers alike to create incredible floor-to-ceiling leather features in their spaces. Who doesn’t love a beautiful woven wall or a striking Zebra inspired design?

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Keleen Leathers Featured in Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

We Were Asked To Provide Beautiful Gradations of Pink Leather

Soon after we saw them beautifully upholstered in a photograph in Architectural Digest’s March 2019 Issue. This gorgeous home belongs to makeup tycoon Kylie Jenner’s. A space so vibrant and fluid with bursts of colorful energy.

kylie jenner living room
Pieces from Damien Hirst’s “I Love You” series anchor the dining room. Brass chandelier by Coup D’etat; custom table and chairs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard; shag rug by Woven: leather by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

What were you doing when you were 21 years old? Looking for a job? Settling for an unpaid internship? Shopping for a foldout futon? Kylie Jenner hasn’t got time for all that. The wildly popular entrepreneur, reality-television star, and youngest member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan is busy presiding over a cosmetics empire worth roughly $800 million. Forbes magazine speculated that she… Continue Reading at Original Source.

HSH Interiors & Revitaliste Reupholster Vintage Chairs With Shearling by Keleen Leathers

Our Natural Shearling was used to upholster these beautiful vintage chairs.

Vintage Chairs Reupholstered in Shearling By Keleen Leathers | HSH Interiors
Holly Hollenbeck’s fabulous new store in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood houses vintage chairs upholstered in Shearling – Slate by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

We love the combination of brass with the charcoal grey shearling. Tell us a bit about your design decisions for these chairs.

The frames were originally in chrome.  I’m not really a chrome fan, and wanted them to have a warmer feel.  We decided on the matt antique brass finish, and felt the grey shearling was the perfect compliment.  Warm and cool, chic and cozy.

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Automotive Leather Facts You Need to Know

Automotive Leather - Keleen Leathers Blog Icon

Original Title: “Leather Isn’t Leather, When It Comes to Automotive Use!”
The pendulum has swung back and forth when it comes to the use of leather in automobiles. Years and years ago the use of leather was predominant throughout an automotive interior.  Seating, door panels, and even headliners were all in leather.  In the ’50s it became a combination of some leather, some Continue reading “Automotive Leather Facts You Need to Know”

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