A Paws Project Holiday Video

Everyone knows that Keleen is devoted to the pet rescue cause.

We also care very much about those people whose full-time job is working in those intake facilities. They work endless hours once they go off the clock WITHOUT PAY to fulfill a need that will never actually be met. How do a handful of people handle the load when more than 200 homeless animals are being dropped off at the shelter door each week? Though it is a labor of love, the toll this takes on a person’s body and soul is very harsh. This year at holiday time, we say a very loud THANK YOU to all the people who call animal rescue a career as well as a passion. In lieu of chocolates being sent to firms whose kitchens are already filled with treats, Keleen is sending gift cards and food baskets to those we know who are working in the shelters to save lives.


Happy New Year 2016!!!

Happy New Year 2016 Image at Keleen LeathersHappy New Year 2016!!!

Thank you for choosing Keleen Leathers time and time again. In 2015 we celebrated 39 years, which makes 2016 all the more special.  This is the year that we celebrate 40 years servicing the interior design and architecture community. What an honor and joy it is to still be here after all these years. Times continue to change, but our loyalty and bond remains the same. We hope to continue to grow with you in this New Year. Continue reading “Happy New Year 2016!!!”

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