BELTwalk Leather Flooring


Order Samples

BELTwalk (also referred to as “strapping leather”) uses leather straps to create a linear look. Cutting the leather into strips allows us to develop this magnificent leather at a  lower cost than if provided in squares. Keleen Leathers BELTwalk vegetable tanned leather flooring absorbs the traces of our life as it grows old without becoming unattractive. Therefore, it develops a beautiful patina over time. It looks like no other leather flooring on the market. We wanted it that way.



All leather floor tiles are 2″ wide. Each one has a beveled, painted edge for a more handcrafted, custom look. Strips are sold in random length though 80% of the amount shipped will be longer than 7 feet. Shorter pieces will adorn areas not needing full belts to reach project edges. This is what makes BELTwalk nearly 100% usable!


If the standard 2″ width is not right for your project try a custom width. Examples are 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1’2″ or 1 3/4″.
Patterns such as herringbone, parquet, or subway become much easier when strips are pre-cut to specific length. Sizes can range from 6″ to 7ft. An embossed edge adds tremendous character and beauty. With a very LOW minimum order quantity of just 50 SF custom colors are simple!

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