Introducing Our New “Sweet Martini” Upholstery Leather Collection

Sweet Martini is a delicious leather with a slick finish. A tight surface structure and polyurethane finish complete the look. Created to satisfy the taste of the elite, Sweet Martini is perfect for almost any application.

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Our Message to Interior Designers

(Update March 24, 2020) During these difficult times, the Keleen family is committed to ensuring the highest possible service for all of our customers while ensuring the safety of our team members.  Our team of customer service agents will be working from home to answer and fulfill any requests.  One of our owners will be in the office to prepare and assemble samples and also fulfill orders.  The protocol we have put in place will allow us to operate at full capacity without any delays.  


As the world tries to navigate its way through these uncharted waters, we are making changes here at Keleen Leathers with health and wellness in mind. As many of our beloved designers and clients begin to set up home offices, we want you to know that we understand you are not near your sample libraries. At the moment, we are in the office with limited staff, following proper instructions from our leaders. Please visit our website to request memo samples, sample sets on loan or “mini-libraries”, perfect for leather shopping at home.

To contact us directly, please e-mail for all your needs and requests until we are back and stronger than ever.

Stay well. We are thinking of all of you.
Sincerely, The KL Family

Our Latest Paws Project Foster Was Adopted

Congratulations, Sally the Doberman!


This beautiful 2-year-old Doberman Sally was abandoned at animal control by a backyard breeder. The breeder was using her to make money by selling litter after litter of puppies. Those who know our family business, knows how much pet rescue and such organizations mean to us. Our ongoing initiative to increase our methods of assistance for pets in need led to the fostering of Sally. Our Paws Project Donation Program Creator Kelly Mullen (overflowing with love behind the camera) and her husband (right) helped groom her to become a forever friend to this loving family. Because of this and all those who helped in between, she never has to worry about her old life again. Sally has a loving forever home now. We’re so happy she’s with this amazing new family! Healthy, happy and endlessly loved. ? ? .

A Paws Project Holiday Video

Everyone knows that Keleen is devoted to the pet rescue cause.

We also care very much about those people whose full-time job is working in those intake facilities. They work endless hours once they go off the clock WITHOUT PAY to fulfill a need that will never actually be met. How do a handful of people handle the load when more than 200 homeless animals are being dropped off at the shelter door each week? Though it is a labor of love, the toll this takes on a person’s body and soul is very harsh. This year at holiday time, we say a very loud THANK YOU to all the people who call animal rescue a career as well as a passion. In lieu of chocolates being sent to firms whose kitchens are already filled with treats, Keleen is sending gift cards and food baskets to those we know who are working in the shelters to save lives.



Dyed Parchment Wall Tiles Furniture Application Keleen Leathers

A spin on a classic with Dyed Parchment – Keleen’s vellum skins are perfect for unusual wall panels, furniture applications, screens, lamp shades, and lighting diffusers. Due to the dying process and natural elements, tone and color will vary within each hide.

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Luxury Brand Neiman Marcus Chooses Keleen Leathers Luxury Booth Leather

Luxury Brand Neiman Marcus Choose Keleen Leathers for Luxe Booth Leather

Restaurant magazines across the globe are celebrating the artistry, craftsmanship and luxury experience that is the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards in New York. This is one of two establishments at Hudson Yards incorporating Keleen Leathers “Booth Leathers”. Our family owned company is so honored to be part of the Neiman Marcus multilevel fine-dining and retail experience.

Luxury Brand Neiman Marcus Choose Keleen Leathers for Luxe Booth Leather

Keleen Booth Leather is specially tanned to prevent puddling/stretching wrinkles. While almost all leather production stretches hides to maximize produced square footage, our booth leather is shrunken to tighten the fiber structure of hides.

Luxury Brand Neiman Marcus Choose Keleen Leathers for Luxe Booth Leather

Ideal for seating upholstery, our booth leather promotes strong memory to return to the original upholstered tension preventing unsightly wrinkles. It offers superior durability and performance for the high cleaning demands of the food service industry. | Looking for more booth leather inspiration? Well, we have a pretty cool upholstery project at Hudson Yards – in addition to the above. Check it out by clicking here.


Keleen Leathers Are At Queensyard Hudson Yards New York

Keleen Leathers, Inc. takes great pride in our fine leathers, some of which adorn the Queensyard restaurant on the 4th floor of Hudson Yards.

Keleen Leathers at Queensyard at Hudson Yards New York

Upon entering the Queensyard restaurant your eyes will immediately be drawn to the artisan crafted sewn and laced tapestry of gorgeous sumptuous leather fabricated by Keleen Leathers. Panels of over 110 feet in length adorn the backs of the bar area booths sent to Turkey for fabrication for the seating area at this incredibly beautiful restaurant overlooking the renown Vessel.

Queensyard boasts stunning views overlooking Thomas Heatherwick’s Vessel.

Keleen Leathers at Queensyard at Hudson Yards New York
CetraRuddy Architects’ Render

Keleen Leathers at Queensyard at Hudson Yards New York
Keleen Leathers Assembly Team


Keleen Leathers at Queensyard at Hudson Yards New York
Keleen Leathers Install Detail

These two very soft comforting colors ideally express the rich elegance this fine dining venue provides for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Next time you are in New York City visit the incredible Hudson Yards Development and experience the beauty of Keleen Leathers.

Keleen Leathers Featured in Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

We Were Asked To Provide Beautiful Gradations of Pink Leather

Soon after we saw them beautifully upholstered in a photograph in Architectural Digest’s March 2019 Issue. This gorgeous home belongs to makeup tycoon Kylie Jenner’s. A space so vibrant and fluid with bursts of colorful energy.

kylie jenner living room
Pieces from Damien Hirst’s “I Love You” series anchor the dining room. Brass chandelier by Coup D’etat; custom table and chairs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard; shag rug by Woven: leather by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

What were you doing when you were 21 years old? Looking for a job? Settling for an unpaid internship? Shopping for a foldout futon? Kylie Jenner hasn’t got time for all that. The wildly popular entrepreneur, reality-television star, and youngest member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan is busy presiding over a cosmetics empire worth roughly $800 million. Forbes magazine speculated that she… Continue Reading at Original Source.

One Key Reason Spectacular Lobby Walls Make the Difference in Real Estate

North Harbor Tower - Official Site Keleen Leathers Wall
North Harbor Tower Residences Chicago, Illinois – Lobby Wall by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

Our KLAD Leather Wall System offers architects and designers the most innovative and cost effective leather wall system ever developed. You sketch your design of any configuration, select your colors and we precision cut our KLAD leather tiles to your exacting sketch.


Spectacular Lobby Walls Make the Difference & Here’s Why

Lobby walls create the “first impression” in real estate. Our “Woven” KLAD Luxury Leather Wall adorns the lobby of North Harbor Tower Residences in Chicago, Illinois. Professional, classy, and inviting this wall is the embodiment of what this luxury 55 story building represents.

North Harbor Tower Residences Chicago Illinois Keleen Leathers KLAD Luxury Wall
Lobby walls express your building’s identity and image.

Architectural Digest KLAD Keleen Leathers, Inc Luxury Leather Wall
The epitome of classic luxury, brown encourages a warm, comforting energy perfect for living.

Interior Design Magazine Chicago Keleen Leathers KLAD North Harbor Chicago
Down-to-earth and friendly, this upscale interior space invites social interaction.

KLAD by Keleen Leathers North Harbor Tower Residences Chicago Apartments Real Estate Architecture
Our KLAD Luxury Leather Walls exude sophistication and personality.

Inspired? Design Your KLAD Luxury Leather Wall Today.