2015 Merchandise Mart DreamHome Event

DreamHome 2015 Area Rug
Keleen Leathers was very pleased and excited to become a part of the 2015 Merchandise Mart DreamHome event on the first floor of this amazing internationally recognized building. Mr. Frank Fontana, a nationally known interior designer, writer and talk show host challenged Keleen Leathers to fabricate a huge “hair on” bovine cowhide into a rug for his bedroom display. While we could easily have made a rug of any size in panels, he asked if we could somehow fabricate a rug in the natural styling of a cowhide, but in a size much larger than cows grow!!! Our artisans got to work and very cleverly affixed two hides in a fashion to exactly accomplish Mr. Fontana’s request. This area rug exactly fits to the area at the foot of the bed offering a softness and natural beauty perfectly fitting the width of the king size bed in this beautiful vingnette. Further, please note how perfectly flat this rug lays as our special backing material provides an exacting leveling element dramatically adding to the visual aesthetic of this very beautiful natural genuine leather rug.

If you are attending Neocon or have other reason to visit Chicago, do not miss the six amazingly beautiful rooms created by Chicago’s leading interior designers at the “Dream House” display on the first floor of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

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