Unique and rare are the words that best describe Keleen Leathers new woven leathers textile offering. Beautifully constructed with rich elegant genuine leather weft threads. Why are Keleen’s woven leathers different? Most other woven leathers are 27 ½” in width…

Keleen’s are 54” wide! How do we do this?
Imagine the difficulty of taking a raw material that is only available in irregularly shaped hides that are also relatively short in overall length. We have engineered machinery that cuts leather threads from a hide, starting in the center of the hide, in concentric circles, yielding to us very long continuous lengths of leather with which to weave 54” wide leather textiles.
Also to point out, these beautiful threads cannot be woven with high speed weaving equipment. Such construction requires dramatically slowing down textile machines to allow this weaving implementing artisan handwork as an element of this production. Considering these elements we still offer these elegant wovens to you at prices far below that of any other leather woven offerings.

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