BELTwalk Leather Flooring


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BELTwalk (also referred to as “strapping leather”) uses leather straps to create a linear look. BELTwalk offers unlimited design ideas at half the price of traditional leather floor & wall tiles! Cutting the leather into strips allows us to develop this magnificent leather at a 50% lower cost than if provided in squares. Keleen Leathers BELTwalk vegetable tanned leather flooring absorbs the traces of our life as it grows old without becoming unattractive. Therefore, it develops a beautiful patina over time. BELTwalk looks like no other leather flooring on the market. We wanted it that way. That’s why BELTwalk is so unusually special. BELTwalk is the answer to all concerns ever associated with leather flooring.

BELTwalk is…

A LINEAR configuration, not limiting floors to only squares
100% USABLE-no install waste
1/2 the PRICE of leather tiles
As DURABLE as hard wearing shoe sole leather
EASY TO REPAIR by pulling up a strip and replacing it
-virtually no shrinkage, seams remain tight
FLEXIBLE-perfect for doors, walls & baseboards or wrapping columns
MINIMUMS of only 50 square feet
GREEN-eco tanned and biodegradable
Made and tanned in the USA from Free Range Cows

Ordering Information
All strips are 2″ wide. Each one has a beveled, painted edge for a more handcrafted, custom look. Strips are sold in random length though 80% of the amount shipped will be longer than 7 feet. Shorter pieces will adorn areas not needing full belts to reach project edges. This is what makes BELTwalk 100% usable!
BELTwalk Options/Custom Capabilities
These capabilities add minimal cost to our already low pricing structure.

Some Custom Ideas:
If the standard 2″ width is not right for your project try a custom width. Examples are 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1’2″ or 1 3/4″.
Patterns such as herringbone, parquet, or subway become much easier when strips are pre-cut to specific length. Sizes can range from 6″ to 7ft. An embossed edge adds tremendous character and beauty. With a very LOW minimum order quantity of just 50 SF custom colors are simple!

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